Friday, 5 October 2018

To Teach English

Hi there,

I just started my semester 3 last 1st day of October. I did not write anything during my second semester. So much going on my life back then. But now, I’m trying to write again. The reason that I want to start writing again is that I finally figure out what I want to do with my life which is to pursue education study or in other words I want to teach English. Although my English is very poor but my English lecturer said, it can be sharpened and improve as long as you have the will to learn it. She also sees potential in me to master English. I love English so much but I always think that I don’t have ‘talent’ in English because every time I learn it, I always get confused with the grammar especially. =,=

I have read something on facebook says ‘’English is a language. Not to measure IQ’’

I guess its true. English is a language. It's a fun language and very tricky for me. Although the quote clearly said it's just a language, however, I still need to master English in order to teach English, right? They said you teach is to find more of yourself. You teach so you can improve yourself.

I’m still not confident to pursue TESL. Am I able to master English?

P/s: My English is very poor. I’m trying my best to write in English. I hope you guys can understand all my error in my grammar. I’m still learning.

Xoxo, Nabihah.

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Friday, 13 April 2018


February 4th 2018

I’m just in my room doing nothing. Its not raining all day but its kinda gloomy day. Not weather, but me. I think I’m having a moment. Like homesick. I feels I just wanna go home and sleep in my room and see my parents and play with my cats. That the strong feeling  I have right now. Suddenly, I don’t feel like to study. I wanna drop this all. I hate being here because I hate my room. Its not because it’s not my room but the room has a very small space and I cant move around. I cant organize my stuffs, my books. Its annoyed me because I’m that kind of girl who always organize and get my shits together. Its hard for me to clean up or organize that room because I’m living with three other girl whom I haven’t meet yet and I’m afraid to touch their stuff. Every time I remember my room, I get angry. I hate it.

February 27th 2018

It’s a quite night. As usual, I’m sitting on my bunk bed and having some ‘Me’ time. I hate bunk bed. Because its hard for me to move around. You see, I love to drink a lots of water but it also always makes me wanna pee. Its not easy to climb that bunk bed. Not easy.

I woke up this morning around 7.30 Am because I have morning class at 8.30 am. Hari ni kami ada presentation for subject Learning Skill. Subject ni kalau kat high school lebih kurang macam sivik. Aku nervouse juga la nak present, tapi aku tau lecturer aku ni memang sporting. Semasa dia menilai pun dia tak tengok apa-apa kertas. Dia dengar je aku present. Assignment yang aku present ni mengenai Personal Profiling. Habis dah kitorang bentang, lecturer aku (Sir Jerome) cakap yang my group had the best work of presentation. In fact antara student yg pernah buat assg. ni my work yg terbaik. Hehe. Agak bangga la di situ. Syukur Alhamdullillah. Tapi belum tentu lagi aku dapat full mark.

Balik tengah hari ni aku pikir nak study di library tapi memandangkan aku dah boleh solat, terpaksa la aku balik untuk makan, mandi dan solat. Lepas solat (masa tengah baca doa) aku dengar bunyi motor berenti depan rumah. Tak lama lepas tu, motor tu jalan. Aku pun pergi la check-it out. Rupa-rupanya kawan aku ordr KFC. Apa yang mengharukan, kwan aku orderkan aku sekali. T.T Kitorang pun makan sesamer. Lepas makan aku start buat revision untuk subject IT yang baru saja aku belajar tadi pagi. Then aku terus sambung buat assigment IT.

Berenti sekejap untuk solat Maghrib dan Isyak. Kira nak sambung belajar, tapi pergi lepak kat bilik atas. Tiba-tiba kawan aku ni punya bagi idea spontan nak makan sayap panggang kat CKS. Terus kitorang yang ada kat bilik tu terliur wei. Dan dengan spontannya pun kami book uber RM1.60 je dari rumah ke CKS Bundusan. Hehe. Sayap ayam panggang brader tu sedap dan dia jual murah RM1.80 je seketul sayap ayam. Sedap di makan bersama nasi panas. Aku sampai rumah sekitar jam 9.40 PM Siap makan nak dekat jam 10.40 PM jugak. Besalah sambil makan sambil bergossip. Haha

Setiap hari jam 10.30 PM baru aku dapat bermesej nagn Azizul. Sebab dia pun baru free jam 10.30 PM. Cerita-punya cerita dah tak sedar pukul 11.30 PM dah. Its time to sleep la gaiss. Esok aku takde class tapi assignment aku belambak wei.


Sunday, 25 February 2018

Life Update

Hi There!

Its been awhile since my last entry.
I miss blogging again. So here I am!

How's life?

Life has been challenging. Its been up and down year but there's much to be thankful for 2107 and one big lessons for me and if it has taught me anything, its that life sometimes has a different plan for you and it is completely out of your control.

Life update

I'm engaged. With my sweet boyfriend. Whoever read my previous entry or following it, he is the Mr. Warden. We have been dating for 4 years and last year on December 3rd, 2197 We're engaged. We had a simple event and only invited close family relatives. I will post an entry about the preparation of engagement. Just some tips and how I prepared my E-day =)

I'm currently continuing my study in UNITAR international college that was based at SIDMA College. I'm moving to KK. I hate long distance relationship but sometimes I think its actually good for the relationship because we both can have some space. We trusted each other. So, I think its pretty good so far.

I think that's it for my life update.
See you soon!


Friday, 3 April 2015

PolyVore- Beach Day!

Hi there!

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. . Wyland

Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.Psyche Roxas-Mendoza 


Billabong relax shirt
49 MYR -

Calypso St. Barth paisley pants
2,070 MYR -

Ancient Greek Sandals tan leather sandals
845 MYR -

Straw Studios structured tote
365 MYR -

Amrita singh necklace
220 MYR -

A-Morir by Kerin Rose lens glasses
1,110 MYR -

Striped hat
275 MYR -

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics sparkle makeup
240 MYR -

Josie Maran creme blush
81 MYR -

Jason sun care
59 MYR -

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bohemian Style

Hi there!

I love the Bohemian style. Bohemian or 'Boho' is one of the famous style after 'hipster style. Bohemian word came refer to 'to a poor artist who lived a nomadic lifestyle and rejected many of the trappings of traditional society. Several other styles, including beat and dandy, share some of the same attitudes and ideas, and there is often intermixing among them. 

Bohemian style is about freedom motion, comfortable clothing that made up from natural fibers. Largely inspired by the fashion of hippie. 

Although it does include some elements of the hippie style of dress, with its long, flowing clothing and relaxed aesthetic, it also incorporates elements of the style of the Romani. The style originated with artists and nomads, who often had little money to spend on clothing and thus wore older clothes and unfashionable styles. Usually pieces are flared, mismatched colors and variety of patterns, included common  patterns like aztec or Romani touches.

Boho jewelry is varied which includes items made up from natural materials like  silver, wood, stones, specially my favorite part beaded necklaces or any accessories are often used, and multiple pieces are often worn together. Large gemstones, charms, big hoops and dangling earrings are also popular with the style. This fashion also frequently embraces ethnic flourishes, especially with jewelry that shows a Native American or South Asian influence. Just as the style itself aims to allow each person to display his or her uniqueness, jewelry to go with a Boho outfit may be hand-made or a one-of-a-kind piece.

Shoe and Handbag
Normally the shoes are flat and comfortable. Most popular, beaded sandals. Meanwhile for handbag, you can find find variety of colors and patterns, may also feature embellishments such as beads, metal studs, or fringe.

Suggestion outfit
Here my suggestion of bohemian style #ootd.

Bohemian girl wannabe,

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Movie Review : Out of the Dark

Hi there!

Last night I went to watch movie Out of the Dark.

At first, me and Kak Ju nak tengok Cinderella, tapi malam tu tak main lah pulak. Wayang lain yang best pula Demonic main pukul 11.30 pm. Gah, terlalu lewat malam because next day kitorang nak kerja and Kak Ju bring along their kids, nanti sian ngantuk Aryssa and Fizi.

We was like, in the mood " I wanna watch movie!" punya mood. So, kitorang tengok ni movie. I never watch nor heard this movie. So, layan je lah. For me its 6/10. I think the movie is a bit cliche (?) because it's predictable. Ehehe. Conjuring was better. 

"In 1992, Dr Jordan Contreras Sr. prepares to abandon a finca in Santa Clara, Colombia. As he walks down the stairs he receives a phone call. The person on the other side of the line tells him to burn a group of medical files. These files belong to several children.
20 years later, Sara and Paul move from the Uk to Santa Clara. Sara is Jordan´s only daughter and the new manager of the paper mill that Jordan owns. The Paper company has been in town for more than 20 years. It has brought prosperity to the town and provided new infrastructure and jobs. 
A girl is hired by Jordan to be a maid/nanny/assistant: Catalina, a local girl who wishes to become a teacher and speaks fluent English. On the night of "Los NiƱos Santos" (The Holy Children or Children Saint) Catalina is baby sitting Hanna, Sara's daughter. 
In town, her parents watch the celebration of the children. They are told about the story that is observe on the celebration: 500 years before a group of Spaniard conquistadors came to town, found the helpless fisherman town and kidnapped all the children and demanded silver for the rescue. The town, regardless of its poverty, manage to borrow the gold from neighboring towns and paid the ransom. Nevertheless, the children were locked up in a church by their captors and burn alive."

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Sandal oh Sandal!

Hi there!

Currently I've been obsessed with sandals especially with the beaded one. I don't know why all of sudden i fell in love with sandals.

In my entire life, I never like sandal. I think sandal is way too simple and not attractive at all. 

 Last year, I bought this kind of sandal, with beaded when I was in Limbang. I bought yellow color sandal. Cantik jugaklah. I just wore that sandal like 3 months only and it already worn-out. Really pissed me-off because within that three months I just wore that sandal like two or three times. Tak tahu dah kenapa tapak sandal tu dah tercabut. Well, is not an branded or high quality of sandal anyway.

Now, I really want a cute sandal. I really want it!

Please anyone buy me for my birthday present. Ahaks!

The craving girl,

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Look- Simply white.

 Hi there!

So, I've changed my blog look because I'm bored with my old layout. I kinda like this new look, simple and white. I  prefer simple blog rather than crowded skin because I think reader can straight focus on reading and not distract by crowded look. Well, its my blog and its my way. Your blog, your way lah kan. If reader doesn't like my blog look, it's non of my business. Blah.

Oh, I forgot to screenshot my old layout. Huhu. 

I'm still thinking how to improve my blog : to make it more interesting. Keep the simple design but at the same time attracting. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to modify this blog. Currently jarang sangat update blog due to my hectic schedule. Its been up and down month. Seriously. I'm tired.

Ya Allah, I pray that may You ease everything.


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Monday, 16 March 2015

These Two Munchkins

Hi there!

Did I tell you that I have new partner, and she is the best partner I ever had?

Yes! I have  a new partner. Her name is Juriah. I called her Kak Ju.

She's a lovely woman, single mother to three kids! 
Yes, single mother! 
Yes, to the three kids!

I knew her before  on the social media: Facebook. From what I've seen, she is very friendly, gorgeous, kind-hearted and she speaks what's on her mind strongly. Even I never met her, I was attracted by her character. She have a very cute little girl, Aryssa, 5th years old. Talkative and kecik-kecik lagi dah pandai bergaya. Wishing that one day I will meet her and Aryssa.

Her fiance was my brother's friend. I was happen to met her, when my brother's friend, Abang Saiful, greeted me at a restaurant. One day, Kak Ju texts me on Whatssap. She asked if she could apply a job at my company. Time tu, memang aku memerlukan partner. So I said, why not? Ahahha.

Kak Ju have a three kids.

Fist Aiman. I never met Aiman. From what I knew, Aiman is Authism. He dind't like to be in public and crowded place. So, Aiman always stayed at home. 

Second, Fizi. Fizi is Specky kid. He is very smart for darjah 5. He observe everything around him dan dia cuba paham what the hec happen around by himself. Amazed. Anak buah aku pun dah besar macam tu pun tak se-meatured dia nih.

Third, Lillte Aryssa. Talkative, hyperactive yet, friendly. She's so pretty. And she became my kawan bergaduh. Ahaha.

Start this school holiday, these kids follow their mom to my office because dorang ni sangat manja ngan mummy dorang. Meanwhile, aku tak kisah sebab its so warming to have them in here. ^^

Fizi and Aryssa.

Xoxo. Love,

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Saturday, 28 February 2015

My short-term goals

Hi there!

I need to complete these short-term goals.

#1 Finish my driving license

I can drive, but driving without license pun tak guna. 

#2 Buy a car for myself

When you have license but you have no car to drive, bagus buang je lah tu license! Ahahahah
And I need a car for myself sebab my job yang perlu visit may places.

 Banyak jalan-jalan la senang cerita. Its very convenient to have own car. Tak payah lah nak susahkan sesiapa nak fetch up aku. 

#3 Attend Kursus kahwin.

Insha Allah bulan April nanti.

#4  Room Make over

I want to redesign my messy room and have functional spaces and working area. And a space for my kittens. Currently my kittens sleep on my bed! 

I need to remind my self of my priorities. I always forgot of my goals. Talk about financial status, I usually got lost and I tend to spend all my money and invested in things that I don't need. I need Financial adviser. Ahahaha! 

Hashtag Typical Me


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