Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Hi there!

First entry for my new blog. So, i am here to say hello to everyone. =) 

Maybe you are wondering why am I creating a new blog when I have my old one. The thing is, I wanna start over my life. I wanna start blogging again. I miss blog. The reason that I stopped blogging because i'm too sad. Lots of things happen. Not to mention lots of shits happen. Alhamdullillah Allah always with me and I finally got a bit strength to woke up from these stuff. 
Aku dah berazam nak start over my life dan berjanji takkan let anyone to take me down. Wish me luck in my life =)

So I wanna make this new blog as my online diary. Not to brag or show off my routine life, but I just wanna write everything that I experience here. Hopefully, whoever found my blog will inspire you guys to be a better person. Insha Allah.

I'm just an ordinary girl from Labuan, Malaysia.


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