Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lifes Updated

Hi there! Happy eidul fitri ^w^

Whoa~ tersangat lamanya aku tak update blog ni. Boo!

Sekarang dah masuk bulan syawal. Hari ni ialah 7 syawal means dah masuk raya ke-7.  Its a beautiful sunday and am not working. Woohoo! enjoy enjoy! I'll just wanna relax at home and wasting time. haha.

Raya kali ni agak berbeza dariraya sebelumnya. Raya last year i'm a single lady. This year pula, aku dapat beraya dengan kekasih hati. Hohoho. To think again, last year kitorg beraya sama-sama as friend and workmates. Siapa tahu dalam masa setahun, anything can happen. Haha

Two days ago, i went to beraya at Liyana's house. She invited me and our high school friends. Secara tak langsung dah jadi macam reunion la pula. Met again my old classmates. Back then, we were so close and setiap hari satu kelas rehat sama-sama. Hehe. Everyone pun updatelah their lifes, their studies and their mates. Ada yang dah berpunya, ada yang still single ada yang dah break-up and there are lotsov stories about them but mostly memg cerita pasal student life lah.

Suddenly i'm turning into not so talkative. I'm being quiet the whole time. I only enjoy my food and just listening to their stories. I smile a bit though. Hahaa.

Then, there is my friend Aina asked about me. She said i look so fine/ happy. Everyone dah tahu that i'm in love tapi dorang tak tahu dengan siapa, macam mana and bla bla bla. The thing is, i wanna keep in low. I don't want to brag about my love story or showing off about us. Hehe. And i think thats what meature about.
Usually imatured tenagers always bragging about their mates at public. haha. thats my opinion lah.

This is intro about him. His name is Azizul bin Maarop. People called him zizul or zul. His family and close friend called him Angah.

I called him Zizul.

He is very friendly and down to earth person. Very indipendant and loves his family more than anything.

He is a good mates. ^_____^.v

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