Sunday, 19 October 2014

Gloomy Monday

Hi there!

Because its rainy and windy here, i'm kinda in the mood of gloomy. 

 When I was form 2, I actually won 1st prize for poetry writing sempena English week. That time, I wasn't expected to won at all since I joined the contest  because my English teacher forced me to do so. It doesn't mean anything to me, because I'm not that talented :/

Social Media
We spend so much time
trying to keep track
of what's happening
in other people's lives
so much so that
most of us forget to
live our own life

*Jangan lupa letak URL blog anda selepas comment ^w^


  1. ya.. kat social media bukan smua live orang2 lain tu sangat 'awesome' kadang2 itu smua penuh dgn kepura-puraan,hiduplah dlm realiti dan hidup sendiri. :)

    cikgu paksa mean cikgu percaya awak ada bakat cuma kena paksa ja.. hehe