Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Just blabering.

Hi there!

At this point, everyone were like 'mind your own business' 
I'm fine with that because, bila aku susah pun no ones there for me so, yeah. I'm cool if you said that. 
Totally cool, bruh.

Guess what? Aku kerja hari ni. Yeah, overtime! Yeah,  Double pay time! *zzzZZZZ faced*

I wish that I'm  home right now and sleep for the rest of the day. 

Banyak perasaan bercampur baur sekarang ni. Sejak dua tiga hari ni asyik rasa nak mengamuk jew. Rasa nak jadi super saiya although setiap hari pun aku jadi super saiya (bila bangun tidur- you know what i'm sayin' right?)

Oh, we have those moments when every things went wrong! When everyone pun mau demand! It is just me or lifes are getting crazy?

Seriously, I need my mom T.T

Breakfast with some biscuits.
 Malas mau makan makananberat-berat.

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  1. sama.. kadang2 berlaku.. pasrah?

    1. lupa nak letak url..