Sunday, 30 November 2014

Hello December!

Hi there!

So, its December already. Could not be more exciting because its the end of the year. Just like previous years, when it comes to the end of the year, i'll start thinking about some change or azam that I want to do for the next year. Tapi  aku belum pikir apa-apa pun lagi, so tunggu nak dekat next year baru I pikir. Mih mih mih

Another significant for December is its Christmas season. Don't get me wrong. I am not a christian and yeah, I don't celebrates chrismast. What I meant, christmas season akan ada banyak christmas movies on tv. Well, I love christmas movie yang really inspiring about love and family. Besides that, christmas sale! Hehe. Siapa tak suka sale? Oh, I do love sale. I also like all the decorations people put around the christmas tree and the lights is everywhere. Its just  makes my heart pounds big times.

My family ada planned nak pegi vocation somewhere. It seem, mereka nak balik kampung which located at Lahad Datu, Sabah. On the way nak balik kampung tu, maybe we will singgah kat Ranau or Kundasang. like the old times. But, there is one thing that I concern >>> Bulan ni jugak aku akan pergi training dan meeting. The date haven'y announce yet but hopefully tidak clash dengan date percutian family tuuu. I am excited too about the training but, who doesn't love family trip, right?

Macam bulan-bulan sebelum ni, I wish the very best for upcoming event and I hope segala urusan (specially my works) berjalan dengan lancar. Amin. Wish me luck as I wish youguys good luck!


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  1. wuuhuu! best la pergi vacation dengan family... hehe
    sama macam saya,suka tengok christmas movie and sale,hahah...
    all the best!! :DD