Thursday, 27 November 2014

My days.

Hi there!

I guess, aim nak update blog setiap minggu failed. Whew~

I am super super busy for past few days. Dan aku tak boleh nak recall balik apa jew benda aku buat. Hmm let me see.

Last sunday, macam biasa on duty kerja sorang-sorang but I had the best lunch. ^^

Monday: monday is the day for too busy to die.

Tuesday: same with monday. I had a lots of works. To catch up dateline and update everything because my HQ mahu turun padang/visit to branch. zzZZZ.

 I got email from the boss "make sure that staff do not download unnecessary  programs or movies to the system which will cause the slow response. Mr James will be doing an audit on the system when he visit the branch so make sure you clean up all the illegal download. " 
Hahahahahahaahahah. Noted boss! xD

(p/s: I installed banyak game kat PC kerja. Huhu)

 Wednesday: Off day. Huhu. Time to be housewife, do chores and laundary. Actually setiap hari pun buat chores and laundary but bila off day aku buat fullblast. Ya'know what I'm sayin' Dah satu hari cuti tak buat apa-apa, bagus aku tolong-tolong mop rumah, sental tandas and et cetera. Mihmihmih

Sebelum memulakan hari, first thing I do is force myself to get up from the bed. The ticket to get me out of bed is checking notification on my phone. Ehehe =p then, I make myself a mug of nescafe. Fresh!

Today (Thursday) : Epic day ever. Fuh, malas nak type. Let it be a history.

That's me and my kitten : Channel. Oh, I just bought that mug. Its simply black, and big. I like that.

*Jangan lupa letak URL blog anda selepas comment ^w^

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