Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bohemian Style

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I love the Bohemian style. Bohemian or 'Boho' is one of the famous style after 'hipster style. Bohemian word came refer to 'to a poor artist who lived a nomadic lifestyle and rejected many of the trappings of traditional society. Several other styles, including beat and dandy, share some of the same attitudes and ideas, and there is often intermixing among them. 

Bohemian style is about freedom motion, comfortable clothing that made up from natural fibers. Largely inspired by the fashion of hippie. 

Although it does include some elements of the hippie style of dress, with its long, flowing clothing and relaxed aesthetic, it also incorporates elements of the style of the Romani. The style originated with artists and nomads, who often had little money to spend on clothing and thus wore older clothes and unfashionable styles. Usually pieces are flared, mismatched colors and variety of patterns, included common  patterns like aztec or Romani touches.

Boho jewelry is varied which includes items made up from natural materials like  silver, wood, stones, specially my favorite part beaded necklaces or any accessories are often used, and multiple pieces are often worn together. Large gemstones, charms, big hoops and dangling earrings are also popular with the style. This fashion also frequently embraces ethnic flourishes, especially with jewelry that shows a Native American or South Asian influence. Just as the style itself aims to allow each person to display his or her uniqueness, jewelry to go with a Boho outfit may be hand-made or a one-of-a-kind piece.

Shoe and Handbag
Normally the shoes are flat and comfortable. Most popular, beaded sandals. Meanwhile for handbag, you can find find variety of colors and patterns, may also feature embellishments such as beads, metal studs, or fringe.

Suggestion outfit
Here my suggestion of bohemian style #ootd.

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