Saturday, 21 March 2015

Movie Review : Out of the Dark

Hi there!

Last night I went to watch movie Out of the Dark.

At first, me and Kak Ju nak tengok Cinderella, tapi malam tu tak main lah pulak. Wayang lain yang best pula Demonic main pukul 11.30 pm. Gah, terlalu lewat malam because next day kitorang nak kerja and Kak Ju bring along their kids, nanti sian ngantuk Aryssa and Fizi.

We was like, in the mood " I wanna watch movie!" punya mood. So, kitorang tengok ni movie. I never watch nor heard this movie. So, layan je lah. For me its 6/10. I think the movie is a bit cliche (?) because it's predictable. Ehehe. Conjuring was better. 

"In 1992, Dr Jordan Contreras Sr. prepares to abandon a finca in Santa Clara, Colombia. As he walks down the stairs he receives a phone call. The person on the other side of the line tells him to burn a group of medical files. These files belong to several children.
20 years later, Sara and Paul move from the Uk to Santa Clara. Sara is Jordan´s only daughter and the new manager of the paper mill that Jordan owns. The Paper company has been in town for more than 20 years. It has brought prosperity to the town and provided new infrastructure and jobs. 
A girl is hired by Jordan to be a maid/nanny/assistant: Catalina, a local girl who wishes to become a teacher and speaks fluent English. On the night of "Los NiƱos Santos" (The Holy Children or Children Saint) Catalina is baby sitting Hanna, Sara's daughter. 
In town, her parents watch the celebration of the children. They are told about the story that is observe on the celebration: 500 years before a group of Spaniard conquistadors came to town, found the helpless fisherman town and kidnapped all the children and demanded silver for the rescue. The town, regardless of its poverty, manage to borrow the gold from neighboring towns and paid the ransom. Nevertheless, the children were locked up in a church by their captors and burn alive."

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  1. out of dark,mesti best kan ceritanya?cerita seram :-)

    1. huhu. seram jugak. banyak suspen.

      thanks for reading my blog!