Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sandal oh Sandal!

Hi there!

Currently I've been obsessed with sandals especially with the beaded one. I don't know why all of sudden i fell in love with sandals.

In my entire life, I never like sandal. I think sandal is way too simple and not attractive at all. 

 Last year, I bought this kind of sandal, with beaded when I was in Limbang. I bought yellow color sandal. Cantik jugaklah. I just wore that sandal like 3 months only and it already worn-out. Really pissed me-off because within that three months I just wore that sandal like two or three times. Tak tahu dah kenapa tapak sandal tu dah tercabut. Well, is not an branded or high quality of sandal anyway.

Now, I really want a cute sandal. I really want it!

Please anyone buy me for my birthday present. Ahaks!

The craving girl,

*Jangan lupa letak URL blog anda selepas comment ^w^


  1. I like beaded sandal with no heels.
    Trust me, beaded sandal with heels is pretty but it is not comfortable
    at all.

    Erynliot |

    1. Saya pun rasa macam tu. Saya dah 'bersara' pakai heels.

      Thanks for reading my entry!