Thursday, 19 March 2015

New Look- Simply white.

 Hi there!

So, I've changed my blog look because I'm bored with my old layout. I kinda like this new look, simple and white. I  prefer simple blog rather than crowded skin because I think reader can straight focus on reading and not distract by crowded look. Well, its my blog and its my way. Your blog, your way lah kan. If reader doesn't like my blog look, it's non of my business. Blah.

Oh, I forgot to screenshot my old layout. Huhu. 

I'm still thinking how to improve my blog : to make it more interesting. Keep the simple design but at the same time attracting. Unfortunately, I'm too lazy to modify this blog. Currently jarang sangat update blog due to my hectic schedule. Its been up and down month. Seriously. I'm tired.

Ya Allah, I pray that may You ease everything.


 *Jangan lupa letak URL blog anda selepas comment ^w^

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