Monday, 16 March 2015

These Two Munchkins

Hi there!

Did I tell you that I have new partner, and she is the best partner I ever had?

Yes! I have  a new partner. Her name is Juriah. I called her Kak Ju.

She's a lovely woman, single mother to three kids! 
Yes, single mother! 
Yes, to the three kids!

I knew her before  on the social media: Facebook. From what I've seen, she is very friendly, gorgeous, kind-hearted and she speaks what's on her mind strongly. Even I never met her, I was attracted by her character. She have a very cute little girl, Aryssa, 5th years old. Talkative and kecik-kecik lagi dah pandai bergaya. Wishing that one day I will meet her and Aryssa.

Her fiance was my brother's friend. I was happen to met her, when my brother's friend, Abang Saiful, greeted me at a restaurant. One day, Kak Ju texts me on Whatssap. She asked if she could apply a job at my company. Time tu, memang aku memerlukan partner. So I said, why not? Ahahha.

Kak Ju have a three kids.

Fist Aiman. I never met Aiman. From what I knew, Aiman is Authism. He dind't like to be in public and crowded place. So, Aiman always stayed at home. 

Second, Fizi. Fizi is Specky kid. He is very smart for darjah 5. He observe everything around him dan dia cuba paham what the hec happen around by himself. Amazed. Anak buah aku pun dah besar macam tu pun tak se-meatured dia nih.

Third, Lillte Aryssa. Talkative, hyperactive yet, friendly. She's so pretty. And she became my kawan bergaduh. Ahaha.

Start this school holiday, these kids follow their mom to my office because dorang ni sangat manja ngan mummy dorang. Meanwhile, aku tak kisah sebab its so warming to have them in here. ^^

Fizi and Aryssa.

Xoxo. Love,

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