Saturday, 28 February 2015

My short-term goals

Hi there!

I need to complete these short-term goals.

#1 Finish my driving license

I can drive, but driving without license pun tak guna. 

#2 Buy a car for myself

When you have license but you have no car to drive, bagus buang je lah tu license! Ahahahah
And I need a car for myself sebab my job yang perlu visit may places.

 Banyak jalan-jalan la senang cerita. Its very convenient to have own car. Tak payah lah nak susahkan sesiapa nak fetch up aku. 

#3 Attend Kursus kahwin.

Insha Allah bulan April nanti.

#4  Room Make over

I want to redesign my messy room and have functional spaces and working area. And a space for my kittens. Currently my kittens sleep on my bed! 

I need to remind my self of my priorities. I always forgot of my goals. Talk about financial status, I usually got lost and I tend to spend all my money and invested in things that I don't need. I need Financial adviser. Ahahaha! 

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