Thursday, 2 October 2014

Eva Gutowski +

Hi there!

Whats up youguys! I'm Nabihah and today I wanna talk about

What is a Spotify? Spotify is a music streaming service macam Deezer and Soundcloud. Ofcoz there are differences b/w these music streaming but secara simple nya, its a place where user can search their favourite songs, create and share playlist. But Spotify ada Radio feature.

Oke aku pun belum explore habis Spotify ni because i'm too excited to blog about it!

Why am I too excited? 
Hahaha. There is a story behind it.

Ya know currently I'm into Eva Gutowski's Vlog. 

Wait. Who? Alaaa. Eva~ My life as Eva? Ever heard about her? No? Nae? Nope?

Well, she's a Vlogger. I watched all her vlogs and i'm really enjoyed watching it.  I can say that I'm pretty obsessed with her vids, like asal balik keja je aku akan buka youtube dan tengok video dia. 

Kenapa aku suka sangat dengan dia?

Because all her videos really inspired me. She got d.i.y videos, lifes hack, make-up tutorial, ways to be creative, ways to make money, ways to this and that, and so much more cool about her. She's inspired me to be a happy teenage. Yeap, I'm still a teenage okay? okay.

Apa yang menarik perhatian aku lagi dengan video-video dia; she got very awesome music background for each video. Suma lagu dia best-best! But sadly there are few songs yang aku tak tahu and I am so eager to know title lagu tu. Its preety upset bila dia tak letak tajuk lagu-lagu yang dia guna kat description.

Until.... one day, i watched her video "My Fitness Routine | What's In My Gym Bag?" 
Dia letak kat description "My workout playlist" I was like...... yeah girl, that's what you should do maynnn!

So, aku pun click la link tu and it leads me to! And kids, that's how I met

Just like every apps, you have to sign up. For me signing up is agak leceh. Aku tersangatlah malas nak isi-isi bank space tu but hey, Spotify bole sign up with account facebook and twitter. Thank you to who ever invented that. Hahahahaha.

So yeah, i just create my own Spotify. *peace

Then I searched Eva Gutowski account and I found her. Followed her. Cari dia punya public playlist, because you can share your playlist kan.. and its just made my day ^^

So this how spotify.

Happy trying spotify!

p/s: Spotify sound like Stupefy (Harry potter's spell) hahahaha.


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