Monday, 23 February 2015

Flow that we never predict

Hi there!

Zaman kolej study biochemisty

Kerja part-time di finance deparment

Current kerja manage remittence and side task kena buat marketing.

To be honost, business, account, sale and marketing is not my forte. Kepala otak aku akan serabut. I'm not very good in comunicate wih customers/clients.

Tup tap, my job scope macam ni pula.

Part marketing yang tak ble blah. Sangat tak suka.

But at the end of the day, buat marketing juga. From zero, I need to be hero to my team.

Jadi untuk asah knowledge, I pun buat research and read various of articles.

The best blog I've ever read is the Everygirl. Glad that I found this blog.

What ever may be our future/career, buat lah dengan hati yang ikhlas dan give it all out!

I wish you guys all the best in what ever you are doing right now. Huhuhu

P/s : saya blogging guna tab.

Xoxo. Loves,

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